Magic luminous cooling pants

S$49 S$98

【Magic cooling pants】Lift hips & control tummy fat. suitable for people with 150-175cm and 40-62kg【Boutique】 Flash sale 50% OFF! Last 300PCS!!

Women‘s Modal Built-in Bra T-Shirt Pants Suit

S$49 S$99

【Modal Built-in Bra T-Shirt Pants Suit】Breathable and cool material. Good elasticity, comfortable to wear. Push up the breast.【Big promo!!】1 for S$49, 2 for S$59

New loose-fitting & A-style dress

S$45 S$55

【S$45!!】Lowest price in history, 2ND S$10

Korean original fresh ginger super skinny pants

S$39 S$49

【2 for S$39, 4 for S$58】Hot sold in Korea, fresh ginger slim pants, high-purity ginger molecule accelerate fat-burning, you can wear it all day, get slimmer easily.【Last 50pcs, Hurry to have】

Womens Elegant Dress

S$49 S$99

【HOT Sold 100000+】Elegant and beautiful dress Made of natural silk,no pilling Comfortable and skin-friendly

Korean style open neck blouse

S$45 S$113

【Flash Sale】 Korea style shirt, high quality cotton and fashion design, make you more elegant! Buy 1 free 1

Womens Floral Print Silk Top

S$42 S$89

Womens Floral Print Silk Top 【Easy-matching】50% off!2 for S$55. 100% high quality cotton silk fabric

Women’s Glossy Silk Shirt

S$45 S$89

【Overturn Classic】Women’s Glossy Silk Shirt. Made of 100% silk with glossy surface. 【Boutique】 Flash sale 50% OFF! last 100PCS!!

Womens Shimmer Sleeveless Top

S$45 S$65

【Womens Shimmer Sleeveless Top】 Flash sale!

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